Recently, weight loss injections have gained a lot of attention as a solution to shedding pounds. Initially developed to treat Type 2 Diabetes, Mounjaro is a once-weekly injectable that can help you shed excess weight. This injection encourages metabolism and appetite regulation to result in weight loss.

  • CONCERN: Obesity or excess body weight.
  • TREATMENT TIME: Most sessions are approximately 15 minutes, and the injection is done in an instant!
  • RESULTS: Most patients will experience reduced appetite in a few weeks with weight loss typically occurring over several months. Weight loss can be sustained as long as the treatment plan is uninterrupted and the patient’s lifestyle changes are maintained.


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Mounjaro is a combination drug that acts on the GLP-1 receptor along with another receptor in the brain called glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP). These receptors stimulate hormones that control blood sugar levels and reduce appetite, triggering weight loss.

This makes it an important tool when treating obesity and its associated health risks, providing an effective way to help individuals lose weight and keep it off. These actions reduce the appetite, reduce food intake, and result in lower blood glucose.

Mounjaro is a once-weekly subcutaneous injectable, which varies in dosage. Starting at a lower dose and gradually increasing the dose of your injections will mitigate side-effects, help your body adjust to this new medication, and support better results.


There is no one treatment for obesity that is the “best.” However, addressing obesity goes beyond cosmetic concerns; it’s crucial for long-term well-being. Obesity is a complex, chronic disease that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, characterized by an excessive accumulation of body fat.

It can lead to many different health conditions, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Finding something that works for you can depend on many factors, including your lifestyle and general level of health. Lastly, it’s important to remember that losing excess weight looks different for everyone.

Patients taking Mounjaro report experiencing less food noise, which is when you have constant or recurring ruminations about which foods contribute to overeating and thus living with being overweight and living with obesity. It’s important to note that while these medications may provide benefits, they should be used under the guidance and supervision of healthcare professionals, and lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, should be incorporated for optimal results.


Mounjaro injections are a popular choice for individuals seeking steady and effective weight loss. At SKIN FIVE, your Mounjaro injections are administered under medical supervision, ensuring safety and precise dosing as a reliable option for those looking to achieve their weight loss goals.

It’s crucial for individuals considering medications for weight loss to consult with their healthcare providers at SKIN FIVE. We’re here to provide personalized guidance, monitor your progress, and adjust treatment plans as needed to achieve the best possible outcomes while ensuring safety and well-being. Additionally, individual responses to Mounjaro may vary, so it’s essential to be patient and committed to the treatment plan for the best chance of success.


As a part of your treatment at SKIN FIVE, your Mounjaro Weight Loss Program includes:

  1. Initial consultation with Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant
  2. Weekly injection, check-in and weight loss progress report.
  3. Access to prescription medication if necessary for any side effects.
  4. Weekly B-12 injections to boost your energy and feeling of wellbeing.
  5. Enjoy 35% off all Body Contouring Treatments after the initial 30 days of your Mounjaro treatment.

We are endless supporters of body confidence and living your best life. You deserve to experience real results while pursuing a healthier lifestyle with a body you love. Schedule a consultation for Mounjaro with a SKIN FIVE provider to get started on your journey to weight loss.


During your consultation, you’ll discuss your medical history, including any existing medical conditions, allergies, and current medications with your SKIN FIVE provider. Your provider will evaluate whether Mounjaro is a suitable option for you based on your weight, medical history, and personal weight and aesthetic goals.

Your injector will go over where they will place the injections and how they are distributed as well as answer any additional questions you may have. The appointment for each injection typically takes about 15 minutes or less, and the injections are over in an instant. Most patients experience very little discomfort during the treatment session. The most common side effects were mild-to-moderate nausea, diarrhea and constipation and occurred primarily during the dose escalation period.

Afterward, we will schedule follow-up appointments to evaluate your results and monitor your overall health. You can also use these appointments to discuss any changes in your weight, appetite, or your habits.


Whether you’re curious about the best treatments for your skin type or seeking personalized advice, we invite you to contact us online or call us with any questions—our expert team is here to guide you towards your skincare goals.


Your treatment session lasts approximately 15 minutes or less.

The best places on your body to inject Mounjaro are the front of the thighs, the front of the abdomen, or the upper arms. It is recommended that you rotate your injection site each time this medication is injected.

Our patients report starting to lose weight after just a few weeks on this medication, with many reporting reduced “food noise” and appetite urges.

We provide modern, sterile treatment rooms equipped with complimentary wi-fi so you can scroll social during your appointment if you’d like.

We recommend you dress for comfort. Many of our patients come wearing workout clothing. If you’re on any special oral or topical medications, please let us know when you schedule your appointment and we will let you know how to prep.

Anyone who wants to shed excess work.

Most of our patients report that this treatment does not hurt. At first, some patients feel uncomfortable with the prick of the needle and some might feel some soreness in treated areas with possible redness, swelling, or bruising. Concerned with any issues? Just ask us.


“Mounjaro injections offer a safe and effective way to jumpstart your weight loss journey, helping you shed those extra pounds with precision and control, all while being backed by trusted medical guidance.”

Alexis York

SKIN FIVE Practice Manager


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