HydraFacial® Keravive is a unique and relaxing treatment that cleanses, stimulates, hydrates, and nourishes the scalp for the appearance of fuller hair. This non-invasive treatment addresses poor scalp health like scalp flakiness, itchiness, or dryness that contribute to damaged, thinning hair, inhibiting the growth of healthy hair.

  • CONCERN: Low scalp hydration, clogged hair follicles, dead skin congestion, and poor circulation in and around the scalp.
  • TREATMENT TIME: Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • RESULTS: Keravive treatment addresses the underlying causes of poor scalp health rather than providing cosmetic cover-ups. This compound contains growth factors and skin proteins that promote thicker hair and a healthy scalp.


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HydraFacial® Keravive is a revolutionary 3-step treatment. Designed to cleanse, stimulate, and nourish your scalp and hair follicles, it works by giving you the appearance of thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. This treatment is designed for itchiness, flakiness, dryness, or irritation of the scalp. Additionally, people experiencing hair loss or thinning due to environmental, hormonal, or other factors such as stress (or those preparing for a hair transplant).

Poor scalp health can be characterized by:

  • Dry skin
  • Clogged hair follicles
  • Dead skin cells
  • Overall lack of circulation

HydraFacial® Keravive cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the scalp and hair follicles by removing dirt, flakes, oil, and dead skin cells from the scalp. Keravive is then applied to infuse the scalp with skin proteins and growth factors that stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.


Hydrafacial® Keravive offers a three-step treatment that includes a 30-day take home spray to maintain your results and improve your scalp and hair health. During your session, your SKIN FIVE provider will combine a microdermabrasion-like treatment with an infusion of serums to exfoliate your scalp and nourish your hair follicles to promote a healthy scalp and healthier, fuller-looking hair.

These three steps include:

  1. Cleanse and Exfoliate: We begin by exfoliating the scalp with the Hydrafacial® Vortex Technology. This extracts dirt and other impurities, cleaning the scalp while stimulating scalp circulation.
  2. Hydrate and Nourish: We start with a specialized peptide complex solution, containing a proprietary blend of five biomimetic growth factors and two skin proteins the follicles are hydrated, improving the appearance and health of a dry scalp.
  3. Extend and Enhance: The results of the Hydrafacial® scalp treatment are optimized through continued, at-home care with a daily Hydrafacial® Keravive peptide complex spray.

If you are looking to revitalize the look and feel of your hair and scalp, a Hydrafacial® Keravive scalp treatment may be right for you. After a single treatment, patients report significant improvement in scalp itchiness, dryness, flakiness, and overall appearance. Call SKIN FIVE to schedule your consultation today.


Hydrafacial® Keravive is designed to be used on the scalp. Since our scalps are subject to a constant string of routines that can abuse the delicate skin there. Whether you’re stressed or not eating as well as you could, or you use hair spray and dry shampoo, these things can have a dramatic effect on our hair, causing it to look dry and break easily due to being brittle.

Factors that affect the scalp include:

  • Hair dye
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Prescription medications
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Chlorine
  • Chemicals

Because we don’t actually see our scalps, we must rely on the state of our hair to tell us how it’s doing. A healthy head of hair can only be achieved with clean hair follicles that aren’t suffocated by sebum or dead skin. With targeted treatment, you can heal both the scalp and hair follicles, leaving you with fuller, healthier hair.


Maintaining scalp health is especially essential if you want to overcome thinning hair and help your hair become healthier. It’s also safe for anyone experiencing conditions like seborrhoeic dermatitis or hair loss. Many patients report improvement in scalp itchiness, scalp dryness, scalp flakiness and hair fullness after a single treatment. Additionally, Hydrafacial® Keravive can also complement other hair-loss treatment protocols, leaving you with a cleaner, healthier scalp.


Patients should arrive at treatment with clean, dry hair for optimal results. You can complete your treatment on your lunch hour, with little disturbance to the rest of your hair. No re-styling required. Using the patented Hydrafacial® Vortex Technology wand, your SKIN FIVE specialist will rid your scalp of impurities, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Afterward, a patented Keravive Peptide Complex Solution will be applied to your scalp. You will be sent home with a special peptide complex spray to maintain your hair and results. Patients should continue using this spray for the next 30 days for optimal results.


Whether you’re curious about the best treatments for your skin type or seeking personalized advice, we invite you to contact us online or call us with any questions—our expert team is here to guide you towards your skincare goals.


HydraFacial® Keravive is a three-step treatment designed to address hair and scalp concerns such as dry, damaged, or thinning hair, clogged hair follicles and dry scalp for the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Patients should book one treatment to promote healthy scalp as necessary with a take-home spray, or schedule a series of 3 HydraFacial® Keravive treatments once a month for 3 months, including a take-home kit and 1 month supply of vitamins to rejuvenate your scalp. Many SKIN FIVE patients choose to schedule maintenance treatments every 2-3 months.

A Hydrafacial® Keravive typically takes about 20-30 minutes and can be completed during your lunch break.

Hydrafacial® Keravive is designed to help remove impurities and reinvigorate your scalp to help address hair and scalp concerns.

You should notice an improvement in scalp health immediately after your first treatment.

We provide modern, sterile treatment rooms equipped with complimentary wi-fi so you can plug into your favorite playlist or continue your Netflix binge. You choose.

We recommend you dress for comfort. Many of our patients come wearing workout clothing. If you’re on any special oral or topical medications, please let us know when you schedule your appointment and we will let you know how to prep.

Treatments are recommended for people experiencing scalp flaking, itchy, dryness, or irritation and for people experiencing hair thinning or loss due to hormonal, environmental, or physiological factors, including stress.

Hydrafacial® Keravive is a painless procedure with no downtime. You’ll leave feeling refreshed with a more hydrated and replenished scalp.


“Keravive delivers a blend of growth factors and skin proteins to hydrate, nourish, and stimulate your scalp. The result of the treatment is thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair.”

Ava Shamban, MD


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