Restylane® Kysse

Smooth Away Fine Lines

The lips are one of the most delicate areas on the face, and they can reveal a lot about your age. As we grow older, it’s not uncommon to notice fine lines, wrinkles, or thinning lips. While these signs of aging are normal and natural, they can also be a source of embarrassment or insecurity. The first hyaluronic acid (HA) filler on the market, Ageless by Restylane® Kysse, is approved by the FDA and has proven safe and effective results for fine lines and lips lasting up to a year!

  1. CONCERN: Fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss in the lips that can take on a stiff appearance when treated with conventional fillers.
  2. TREATMENT TIME: Each treatment takes approximately 15-30 minutes.
  3. RESULTS: A gentle, expertly designed structure that provides natural-looking volume, shape, and definition to the lips while maintaining a soft and natural feel.

What is Restylane® Kysse?

One of the most popular products for lip rejuvenation is Restylane® Kysse. This product offers a soft volume enhancement for the lips through a series of injections that create a natural-looking result. It’s the perfect option for anyone looking to restore volume and fill in lines around their mouth. The best part about Restylane® Kysse is that it has virtually no recovery time—meaning you can enjoy your enhanced look right away!

How Does Restylane® Kysse Work?

Our Restylane® Kysse treatment uses hyaluronic acid (HA) to add volume and shape to lips without the need for surgery. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body that provides support and hydration for cells. When injected into the lips, HA helps plump them up by adding volume where it’s needed most. In addition to making your lips appear fuller and more defined, this treatment also smooths out fine lines around your mouth so they are less noticeable when smiling or laughing!

Restylane® Kysse is FDA-approved for lip augmentation and the correction of wrinkles around the upper lips.

What Are the Benefits of Restylane® Kysse?

Restylane® Kysse is the first hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler available on the market. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that helps maintain the volume and elasticity of the skin. When used in facial fillers, it works to replace lost volume caused by aging processes such as collagen breakdown, dehydration, or sun damage. The results are subtle yet natural-looking—so natural that you even forget you got it!

If you have fine lines or wrinkles around your lips or if you want to change the shape of your lips, lip augmentation could be a good option for you. The results of lip augmentation are immediate—you will see an immediate improvement in the shape and fullness of your lips.

What You Can Expect From Your Session

During your consultation, we will establish your treatment plan, where we discuss your aesthetic goals and examine the condition of the skin. Depending on your aesthetic goals and treatment areas, your session can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. You will notice an immediate increase in volume after your Restylane® Kysse treatment, but it will take time for your results to settle, with the best results around two weeks after your treatment.

When you’re looking for a way to improve the overall look of your lips, there are a lot of options out there. If you’re ready to address fine lines, replace volume or change the shape of your lips, give us a call to schedule your consultation today!



Ageless by Restylane® Kysse is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler for dynamic wrinkles and folds, designed to be resilient enough to adapt to your facial movement. This innovative injectable provides a more natural look, both at rest and in motion.


Our patients report noticeable results in the treated area within 24-48 hours with full results showing at 14 days, depending on the prescription injection.


At SKIN FIVE, we provide best in class treatment rooms equipped with complimentary wi-fi so you can plug into your favorite playlist or chat it up with us. You choose.


We suggest wearing comfortable clothing and will provide robes or disposable clothing if requested. On any special oral or topical medications? Just let us know when you schedule your appointment and we will let you know how to prep.


SKIN FIVE offers a unique discount program called HIGH FIVE membership. Members receive a 15% discount on all packages and products, as well as select services, while their membership is active.


Most of our patients report that this treatment does not hurt. At first, some patients feel uncomfortable with the prick of the needle and some might feel some soreness in treated areas with possible redness, swelling, or bruising. Concerned with any issues? Just ask us.


"Restylane Kysse effortlessly shapes and defines our pout, creating a natural-looking fullness that our patients love."

Rada Leese