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Experience the transformative power of Daxxify at SKIN FIVE!

DAXXIFY™ is the first injectable neurotoxin formulated using a novel peptide as a stabilizer, meaning it does not contain human or animal products. Instead, it uses a novel peptide as a stabilizer. This makes it a great option for vegans or patients looking for plant-based alternatives to traditional BOTOX®-type injectables. DAXXIFY™ works by temporarily blocking nerve signals to treated muscles. It works faster and for a longer period of time, with many patients noticing a significant decrease in movement to targeted muscle within days.

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  • Smoother, Youthful Appearance: Daxxify targets fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking smoother and more youthful.
  • Long-lasting Results: Experience lasting effects as Daxxify’s neurotoxin formula helps maintain a refreshed look over time.
  • Expert Care at SKIN FIVE: Trust SKIN FIVE’s skilled professionals to administer Daxxify safely and effectively, ensuring optimal results tailored to your needs.


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