A funny thing happened on the way to the pursuit of younger-looking skin. Back in the day researchers discovered that a rejuvenating topical also helped clear acne as well.  And more recently, studies on an acne-clearing laser showed that it, in turn, left skin looking younger.  So what’s the connection between acne and aging?

One of the most exciting breakthroughs in dermatology history happened by accident. About 30 years ago, during clinical trials testing the anti-inflammatory acne-fighting qualities of topical Retin-A, researchers noticed something they never expected to find.  In addition to clearing acne, the compound had a unique side effect . . . a significant reduction of fine lines, deeper wrinkles and pigment irregularity in test subjects. Since then Retin-A and its retinol cousins have been cornerstones of topical treatments for both skin breakouts and skin breakdown.

Flash forward to 20 years ago when testing the Smoothbeam diode laser for its skin rejuvenation capabilities, happy happenstance happened again. But this time it occurred in the reverse; this time it was the skin rejuvenation technology that demonstrated a marked ability to clear red blemishes. And today – you got it – the low energy diode laser is used with great effectiveness treating both.

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Logically, it doesn’t make much sense that these two disparate conditions can be solved with the same treatments. After all, acne is primarily a scourge of the young or youngish (although we now know today there is no upper age limit), while aging skin is the territory of those who are, well, aging. But physiologically, they share something significant and that is inflammation.

Skin inflammation is skin enemy #1. Inflammatory molecules are released after both unprotected sun exposure (the primary factor in extrinsic aging) and from acne lesions. Therefore by fighting the inflammation – whether by laser treatments, chemical peels and infusions plus applications of antioxidants – we can effectively diminish both the signs of aging and red acne breakouts.

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