What’s wrong with this picture . . . when the chest and the hands are looking decades older than the face?

If you hang out with snooty fashion editors (as we do), you’re well aware that one of the most serious sartorial faux pas – and profound putdown to boot – is ‘matchy, matchy’. Essentially this speaks to trying too hard with the color coordination (nails and lips, bag and shoes etc.).  Arbitrary, yes, but nonetheless a thing.

We, however, are beauty people. And this means we like every part of the skin to match itself.  But located in Southern California, the rejuvenation capitol of the world, we frequently see faces that look twenty years younger than hands and chests. What gives? The complexion looks smooth and creamy while the hands and chest are mottled, lined and leathery. The reasons for this are many fold:

  • Unfocused attention: Awareness of aging generally starts with the face so oftentimes people will begin taking precautionary measures with beneficial skincare products on the face but ignore the chest and the hands. Consequently, the face looks youthful but the other areas, alas, do not. This neglect is particularly true for sunscreen use on all exposed areas of the body or taking appropriately protective steps (like wearing driving gloves in the car).
  • Physiology of healing: The face contains more microvasculature (circulation) than elsewhere. And beginning at the neck and extending over the rest of the body there are fewer adnexal structures, (i.e. sweat glands, oil glands and minute hair follicles) at work to accelerate healing. This means that rejuvenation procedures such as lasers, IPL, ultrasound, radiofrequency or peels can go much deeper and work much faster on the face than on the chest or the hands.

This doesn’t mean that rejuvenating the skin on your chest and your hands is impossible by any means but it will require commitment. First, bump up the preventative measures and slather on the sunscreen and rethink low cut necklines when the sun shines bright. Then for skincare, perhaps use a antioxidant serum on the chest and the hands. Finally, in the technical professional realm, lower energy treatments and more repetitions will be necessary to achieve the same smoothing, luminous results you can get with a single treatment on the face.

MATCHY NOT PATCHY – Ready to rejuvenate your chest and hands to match your pretty face?


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