Aint’s love grand?  You’ve got a spring in your step, you can’t stop smiling

and your complexion looks absolutely sensational.  So what gives?

There’s one question that we get every now and then that we acknowledge to be of major significance:  Why is it that falling in love works your looks in the best way ever?  So here’s your answer:

  • It’s the hormones, darling – Falling in love triggers euphoria-inducing chemicals that include dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and sometimes even cortisol. In addition to making you feel elated, this chemical bath – that literally increases the metabolism and warms the body – makes the skin appear to glow from within for a couple of reasons. First, its increased blood flow gives the skin an appealing flush. Second, the amped up metabolism accelerates skin cell turnover in sending fresh new plump cells to its surface.
  • Loving expression – A smiling, laughing face is exponentially more attractive than a pouty, frowning one. Period.
  • Making the effort is no effort – With all the adrenaline shooting through your body, it’s easy to feel like a superhero and ‘go to the trouble’ of doing what’s good for you . . . like going to the gym, hiking for miles (you are wearing plenty of sunscreen for this, yes?) and adhering to your skincare regimen as if your life depended on it.

But beware, complexion-wise it’s not all hearts and flowers in the Land of Amour.

  • The walk of shame of the unwashed – OK, OK, your night of passion was amazing, we get it. Really we do. But, after the fact, you fell asleep without washing your face. Even worse, maybe you even dropped off with a full face of makeup on too. But while you’ve been blissfully snoozing away in the arms of your beloved, your pores have been clogging up with a whole day’s accumulation of gunk sinking in. They will make you pay with bumps, breakouts and blotchiness. Heed this – even if you can’t do your whole nighttime skincare routine, please, please, please clean off the day’s sludge before bed.
  • The no-slumber party – Alas, those enjoying the first flush of love quite often are not enjoying the benefits of the good night’s sleep that all fine complexions so clearly require. The physiological function of sleep is that while the mind is at rest the rest of the body is busy repairing damage from the day’s events. For the skin, this means repair of UV exposure, dietary indiscretions or stresses that may have damaged skin cells, most specifically collagen cells that give the skin its spring. Consequently, for those people who haven’t slept, the skin can look dull, dry and saggy.
  • The partaking of the grape – A little wine is excellent stuff for the body, mind and spirit. A couple of bottles of wine– as new lovers are wont to consume in an evening – are not. Keep watch on this space because we’ll be devoting a whole post to this called ‘Hangover Face’ next time.

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